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We will collaborate with you to build a long term talent pool and find employees who match your skill requirements and are accessible all year long.

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Why Uplifters?

Pre trained candidates

  • Only selected students appear placement drives. We have test after each module to pick the best student
  • We think it's important to teach students soft skills as well as technical understanding to help them develop into strong communicators and leaders
  • Our teachers, mentors, and mock interviewers are all subject matter experts who work for the world's best corporations to ensure that our students receive correct industry-oriented training

Save time and money

  • We assist in all aspects of recruitment services, including scheduling and tracking interviews and candidate first screening
  • Our project and assignment based learning trained students with industry experience, so no cost of training for recruiters

Bulk hiring for recruiters

  • We have 0–3 years experienced applicants from throughout India's colleges
  • Immediate joiners across all profiles

Our Profile

Software development Profiles

  • Full stack web developer
  • Front end React developer
  • Backend Java developer
  • Backend python developer

Data Science Profiles

  • Data Scientist
  • Data analyst
  • Business analyst
  • Market research analyst
  • NLP engineer
  • ML engineer

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