Pay After Placement

Pay After Placement (PAP) is the optimal approach to securing your right job. The goal is to provide young people with the skills that industry needs without putting extra financial strain on the students and their families. The programme focuses on the innovative thinkers who have been prevented from succeeding financially. PAP Agreement is a legal contract that emphasizes payment for student success.

How it Works

  • Enroll in our PAP courses


    Select the PAP course, pay enrollment fees, sign PAP agreement and become part of Uplifters to uplift your career.

  • Start learning in our courses curated by industry experts


    Get access to Uplitter's exclusive program like

    • Live engaging classes
    • Projects
    • assignments
    • Doubt sessions
    • one to one counselling

    Learn in a fun environment in Hindi + English languages


    Get corporate ready with our program

  • Complete the training

    • complete the mandatory modules and get the training completion certiticate
  • Start your placement journey with Uplifters


    Get personalized attention from our experts during entire placement journey

    • Mock interviews
    • Resume building
    • Career workshop
    • Makes you corporate ready

    Get placed in a good company with good salary package

  • Get placed in a good company and pay the remaining fee in monthly installments


    Pay the PAP program fee


You may pay for your course by using the Pay After Placement Agreement. PAP is a contract between students and the Uplifters where you commit to pay a set amount each month for a maximum of 18 months. The payment won't begin until you receive a salary.

The term CTC (Cost to Company) refers to "Your total salary (including variable pay), compensations, and gross income, as well as, benefits like insurance, HRA, fitness/health benefits, and other allowances and such as, leave travel allowance, conveyance and traveling allowance, phone allowance, vehicle allowance, and other allowances provided to you from employment or pursuant to self-employment.

Your payout will continue even if you willingly leave your work. In the event of a forced termination, however, your payment will be suspended and we will work as hard as we can to find you a new position as quickly as feasible. Any such agreement, though, would involve a third party (an NBFC), and a non-payment window would only be made available following careful assurance.

Through our NBFC partners, students are obliged to pay the PAP amount based on their earnings in equal monthly installments (corresponding to the course fee only) free of any other fees. The student is expected to finish this application with the relevant NBFC partner. You can pay a one-time, zero-interest capital to our designated NBFC partner on a monthly basis for a maximum of 18 months.

Fees are collected by an NBFC partner at Uplifter. The NBFC will file a lawsuit to collect the unpaid balance in the situation of voluntary non-payments. Additionally, this will harm your credit score.

yes of course. A copy of the same will be made accessible to you at the closing of our admissions process as you progress through it.

You will be required by law to provide all documents related to your income, including your offer letter, salary slips, IT returns, bank statements, etc., in agreement with the Pay After Placement (PAP) Agreement.

Your payment does not include interest because the PAP Agreement is not a loan.

No, it is not mandatory to opt for the PAP courses. You can join our regular courses.