General FAQ

Our headquarter is in Gurugram, (Haryana) India.

The need for frontend and backend developers is among the highest and fastest-growing in India. Our internal placements team is committed to helping you start your career. It works with partners in hiring. Your CV, portfolio, digital profile, practice interviews, and pay negotiation will all be assisted by our executive as well as other tasks.However, in the end, it would be you who submitted an application, participated in the interview, and was hired

No, To enroll in courses, there is no test required.

At Uplifters, Hinglish is used as the main language of instruction. Your comfort has always been the focus of education. As part of the programme, we also help you improve your written and verbal communication abilities to increase your marketability to companies.

Yes, we will assist you in developing a portfolio, CV, online profiles, and practice interviews during the last few weeks of the programme. You will also receive material to help you get ready for any employment opportunities or companies that may come your way. As the team sees fit, further one-on-one instruction is given throughout the placement procedure

We have an equal number of students interested in learning computer science and starting a career in the area from scratch who come from non-technical backgrounds. Because of this, our curriculum is created in a way that both experts and laypeople may have their questions answered. Don't be afraid to start learning since you will be taught everything, starting with principles from high school and moving up to the higher level. Additionally, after finishing the programme, you'll be well-equipped to handle interviews and have experience working on a variety of projects that you can add to your resume

You will receive a certificate of completion if you have successfully completed the minimally needed training modules and mock interview drives. You will be qualified to take part in our placement drive after that

Our training will include some mandatory and optional training modules and students have to complete the mandatory modules

There will be various training courses that students can choose to finish or skip. Instead of training modules, they might pick revision modules

Your employment location is entirely determined by the opportunities provided by our hiring partners. We don't make any promises about a preferred work location

You will get multiple attempts to clear a module

We have different courses and all courses have different durations

You will be asked to attempt a set of tests when you have learned and mastered a certain module. When you succeed in that, you will be deemed cleared. Overall, you must pass all required modules

80% attendance is mandatory in all modules

You can post your questions and doubts in the live courses. After the talk, the presenter will spend the final 15-20 minutes answering questions. Students can ask more questions during a designated doubt session

Scholarship FAQ

It is a scholarship test conducted by Uplifters before commencement of courses. All participants receive a substantial scholarship on Uplifters’ courses.

Everyone and anyone who is eligible to take admission in Uplifters course is eligible to appear for UST.

Everyone who will appears for the test will be surely awarded a scholarship ranging from 10% to 100%

Steps to register for UST - 1) Register for the test. 2) Appear for the test in the given window. 3) Wait for the result.

It will be an aptitude test which includes questions about logical reasoning and quantitative ability

It will be an objective type paper. All questions will be MCQ based only

No, you will required your laptop or desktop to appear in UST

No, there will be no negative marking in the test.

This is a one hour test which includes 30 MCQ questions.

We have a 0 registration fee. You can register for UST without any fee

To encourage students to participate in the test and make sure that each student is entitled to a reward, we are offering a minimum scholarship of 10%. Participating is more important than winning.


You may pay for your course by using the Pay After Placement Agreement. PAP is a contract between students and the Uplifters where you commit to pay a set amount each month for a maximum of 18 months. The payment won't begin until you receive a salary.

The term CTC (Cost to Company) refers to "Your total salary (including variable pay), compensations, and gross income, as well as, benefits like insurance, HRA, fitness/health benefits, and other allowances and such as, leave travel allowance, conveyance and traveling allowance, phone allowance, vehicle allowance, and other allowances provided to you from employment or pursuant to self-employment.

Your payout will continue even if you willingly leave your work. In the event of a forced termination, however, your payment will be suspended and we will work as hard as we can to find you a new position as quickly as feasible. Any such agreement, though, would involve a third party (an NBFC), and a non-payment window would only be made available following careful assurance.

Through our NBFC partners, students are obliged to pay the PAP amount based on their earnings in equal monthly installments (corresponding to the course fee only) free of any other fees. The student is expected to finish this application with the relevant NBFC partner. You can pay a one-time, zero-interest capital to our designated NBFC partner on a monthly basis for a maximum of 18 months.

Fees are collected by an NBFC partner at Uplifter. The NBFC will file a lawsuit to collect the unpaid balance in the situation of voluntary non-payments. Additionally, this will harm your credit score.

yes of course. A copy of the same will be made accessible to you at the closing of our admissions process as you progress through it.

You will be required by law to provide all documents related to your income, including your offer letter, salary slips, IT returns, bank statements, etc., in agreement with the Pay After Placement (PAP) Agreement.

Your payment does not include interest because the PAP Agreement is not a loan.

No, it is not mandatory to opt for the PAP courses. You can join our regular courses.